6L Hitachi green jade green tea tofu dregs cat litter

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Ideal for: Cats who like to be clean (love bottom or body).
Benefits: 1) Natural environmental protection, no harm to the environment
2) Strong absorption and high coagulation
3) The condensed part can be dissolved in water (can be flushed into the toilet for treatment)
4) The sand design is not easy to stick to feet
5) No dust pollution, convenient and healthy
6) Green tea and bactericidal ingredients are very effective in eliminating odor and reducing bacteria
7) The raw materials are sterilized by high heat, which can be safe and hygienic when used
8) Original production in Japan How to use:
>Place the product in a container and stack 5-10mm thick
>After the cat goes to the toilet, discard the curdled litter into the toilet and add new litter

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