Drinkwell Classic Electric Pet Waterfall Water Dispenser 1.5L


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The waterfall-type free-fall flow can continuously inject oxygen into the water, bringing sweeter and sweeter water; And it can attract dogs and cats to drink water, encourage pets to drink more water, and help them stay healthy. Activated carbon filter element can remove peculiar odors in water; Can effectively remove food particles, hair, chlorine and odor; Keep water clean and fresh. It continuously filters circulating water and freezes through activated carbon.

* U.S. patented flow water dispenser, unique impact waterfall water dispenser
* Extra strong filter element, thoroughly filter sediment, rust and other impurities, patented impact fountain, inject more oxygen, living water is sweeter
* Enhance your pet’s water intake and greatly improve overall health
* Reduce the chance of pets suffering from urethral/kidney/light diseases, improve quality of life, and maintain healthy life
* Remove chlorine odor, keep the water clear and sweet, pets love to eat
* There is no limit to the size of the pet, family members go out for a long time, free from worries
* Complete accessories, extremely low maintenance rate, high durability, original 1 year maintenance, confidence guarantee

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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 cm

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