Applaws Cat Tin – Canned Cat – Tuna & Nori 70g x 24 cans


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Applaws into canned cats – tuna, seaweed
Suitable for: Any cat
– Contains polyunsaturated fatty acid EPA, which helps lower cholesterol and prevent arteriosclerosis
– No added artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, 100% natural and healthy
– Long-term feeding of Applaws can help reduce the chemical harmful substances and preservatives absorbed by cats in the past
– Helps cats absorb more water and reduce stone formation
– Helps cats who have just arrived in a new environment settle down in a short time
– Helps cats recovering from illness and improving food after surgery
– Helps cats with a sick appetite and a bad mouth to eat
– Replenish the cat with adequate nutrition
– Selected fish are fresh fish caught in natural waters, and no endangered species are used

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